Are you preparing for the upcoming exams? Are the long sitting hours weighing down your neck? While the end of the semester gets tough in every student’s life, the current studying pattern is making it worse.

No pain, no gain, right?

Wrong! It’s no pain, only gain with Dynapar QPS.

The new year is here, and like every year we are sure one of your resolutions is to get fitter in 2022! However, starting a workout routine is difficult. Apart from finding the time to exercise, following a routine, and achieving diet goals, muscle soreness adds to the challenge.

Are your household chores weighing heavy?

Dynapar QPS has got your back.

Home sweet home- a place to find peace, happiness, joy, and everything we love! But with a house comes responsibilities that can get a little too burdening sometimes. It’s true- no matter how many household chores we finish, there’s always something that we have left behind.

Work From Home –

A pain in the neck, literally

It’s almost been two years since Covid-19 came and changed our lives, especially our work patterns. While the Indian workforce stayed home, we got to work in the comfort of our PJs, spend extra time with our family, and learn a few new ways to laze around. But the one thing we weren’t ready for was the bodily pain it was bringing along!

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