Winter Wellness: Keeping Pain at Bay During Cold Months

It has been observed in people around the world that joint aches tend to get worse during the winter season. It is not uncommon to find your knees, ankles and hips get stiffer than usual as the temperature drops. The reason for this is believed to be lower atmospheric surface tension. But there is no […]

Diwali Wellness: Incorporating Yoga and Meditation

Diwali is a time to experience togetherness and share love within your community. It lights up our lives with joy and festivities. However, for some of us, the celebrations can also lead to increased levels of stress and symptoms of pain. The solution is simple. Instead of treating Diwali as a time to go party-hopping, […]

Staying Active and Pain-Free During the Festive Season

The festive season can be exciting. However, it can be very stressful for those of us who suffer from bouts of pain. Preparing for festive occasions involves increased activity, from shopping to cleaning to making festive treats in the kitchen, all of which require physical exertion. If you are not careful, it can exacerbate your […]

The Science Behind Pain Relief

Before we dive deep into the science of how pain relievers work, let us understand why we experience the sensations of pain and why it is so important. Well, the skin and tissues in our body are connected by a network of nerve endings. When a certain part of your body is injured, the cells […]

Mindfulness and Meditation: A Holistic Approach to Manage Pain

It is a well-established fact that mindful living helps in stress reduction. But did you know that the same principles can be used for effective pain management? The approach involves various meditation and relaxation techniques including Hatha Yoga. Since its inception, thousands of people tried it. A quick search on the internet will give you […]

Know why rain can worsen your body ache and tips to manage it.

The monsoons have different effects on different people. But Doctors have observed that the onset of rain tends to worsen the conditions for those suffering from some kind of muscle pain. It is believed that the fluctuations in barometric pressure, humidity and precipitation rate have a significant role to play here.   During the monsoons, […]

How to manage your pain caused by changes in the weather?

Do you feel that your muscle pain or arthritis flares up when the temperature drops? Well, you are not alone. Many people living with conditions such as arthritis have observed that they experience increased levels of aches on days such as:   Higher Humidity Colder Temperature Stronger Winds Lower Barometric Pressure   However, there is […]

Summer Trip, Here Are Things You Can Take Care of to Avoid Travel-related Pain

Summers are the perfect time to treat yourself to a much-needed break and escape into vacation mode. But, if you are someone suffering from chronic pain, there are a lot of things you need to take care of – like medication, treatment options, mode of travelling etc. Planning these things well in advance will help […]

5 Ways to Avoid Physical Pain Due to Long Working Hours

We spend a large part of our lives working or in our offices. Yes, some of us have moved on to a hybrid model, but the work hours have not reduced, in fact, the number of hours one spends working has increased.    This has several consequences, some of which may lead to real physical […]

Mobile Phones: A Real Pain in Your Neck!

Research shows an average person in India scrolls through 300 feet of mobile content every day, or 1,09,500 feet, in a year. This is almost like climbing Mt. Everest three times a year. The only difference however, is that when you climb the mountain, you perhaps become a lot fitter, but while scrolling through 300 […]

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