No pain, no gain, right?

Wrong! It’s no pain, only gain with Dynapar QPS.

The new year is here, and like every year we are sure one of your resolutions is to get fitter in 2022! However, starting a workout routine is difficult. Apart from finding the time to exercise, following a routine, and achieving diet goals, muscle soreness adds to the challenge.

Result? It gets difficult to step out of the warm and cozy bed, let alone exercise when it hurts to even lift our arm to eat. So, what is this muscle soreness? DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a reaction to any physical exercise or activity that stresses the tissue in our muscles beyond its usual limit.

How do we find relief and continue with our workout regime without breaking our resolutions? In addition to adding light stretching, a proper hydration plan, and a protein diet to your workout program, there’s something important that needs a place in your gym bag- an effective pain management solution that gives you back your freedom to eat, walk, and sit normally.

Dynapar QPS- India’s Most Advanced Pain Management Solution
One of the best pain relief products in the nation, the Dynapar QPS spray is specially curated to overcome the challenge of poor penetration in regular body pain spray. Dynapar QPS is world’s first transdermal preparation of diclofenac solution that has 5X penetration technology and provides instant relief from all types of pain.

Another important feature that makes Dynapar QPS spray the best pain relief solution in India is its zero burning and zero odor quality, making it convenient to use every single time. So, before you plan to break your resolution again, do remember that there are no excuses left!

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