How to Apply Dynapar QPS


  • The sophisticated spray pump ensures accurate dose of 16 mg Diclofenac in 4 sprays.
  • Spray pump helps prevent staining of the entire palm.
  • The sprayed solution does not leave any residue and instead gets absorbed.

How to Apply Dynapar QPS Spray

  • Prime the pump by spraying it into the air 2-3 times before using Dynapar QPS for the first time.
  • Ensure the skin does not have any cut, wound, infection or rashes before application.
  • Hold the bottle in an upright position 6-8 inches away, with the nozzle pointing towards the affected area for even distribution.
  • Apply the recommended number of pump strokes (4 sprays) on the painful or swollen area. Do not rub.
  • Avoid washing and prevent any contact with clothes or other objects for 8-10 minutes after application.


Warning and Precautions

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