5 things to do to manage pain

Nature has blessed humans with distinctive reflexes and response mechanisms. Pain is one of them. It is an essential signal from the affected part of the body that calls for attention, care and remedy. While pain can be caused by various actions, mishaps, or ailments, it is human nature to avoid pain at all times. […]

Say goodbye to your soleus muscle pain with this

Best pain relief spray! Is muscle pain hampering the enthusiasm of your daily run? Muscle pain is a spoilsport for anyone who loves running. Soleus muscle pain does not cause any major issues generally, but it restricts the ability of a person to run comfortably. There are some Best muscle pain gel / Best muscle […]

Yoga Mistakes That Might Lead To Knee Pain!

Considering the many benefits that yoga has, a lot of people are trying to incorporate yoga into their daily routines. Since it is quite common for people to make certain mistakes while doing yoga, one of the most common complaints is severe knee pain. Let’s know what mistakes you might be making during your yoga […]

Ouch! Shoulder Pain: Say “No More!”

Do you spend hours hunched over your laptops and smartphones? Using such devices and sitting in a forward-head position for a long time causes shoulder pain, a common complaint these days. Most of the time, shoulder pain isn’t chronic, but having such aches now and then is still highly undesirable.

Suffering From Joint Pain? Here’s The Solution.

Living with joint pain every day can be unnerving! It’s hard to focus on something else as the pain keeps weighing us down and causing discomfort. Although, the bigger loss is giving up on the activities that one loves. Therefore, it becomes pretty tempting to reshape your life and not let joint pain become a permanent condition.

7 Easy Ways to Ease Muscle Pain

Muscle cramps are perhaps the most common type of pain that nearly everyone experiences at some point in their life. Can you think of someone who hasn’t suffered a muscle cramp at least once? Probably not! We all know how painful these involuntary muscle spasms can get.

5 tips to avoid leg pain while working out

Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life! As important as it is to stay healthy and work out regularly, sometimes a great exercise routine might be the reason behind the pain in your knees.


Are you preparing for the upcoming exams? Are the long sitting hours weighing down your neck? While the end of the semester gets tough in every student’s life, the current studying pattern is making it worse.

No pain, no gain, right?

Wrong! It’s no pain, only gain with Dynapar QPS.

The new year is here, and like every year we are sure one of your resolutions is to get fitter in 2022! However, starting a workout routine is difficult. Apart from finding the time to exercise, following a routine, and achieving diet goals, muscle soreness adds to the challenge.

Are your household chores weighing heavy?

Dynapar QPS has got your back.

Home sweet home- a place to find peace, happiness, joy, and everything we love! But with a house comes responsibilities that can get a little too burdening sometimes. It’s true- no matter how many household chores we finish, there’s always something that we have left behind.

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