Are you preparing for the upcoming exams? Are the long sitting hours weighing down your neck? While the end of the semester gets tough in every student’s life, the current studying pattern is making it worse. Bedrooms became the new classrooms, and children started spending a frightening amount of time in front of the screen. Using computers and sitting in a forward head position for a long time have now become significant reasons for neck, head, and shoulder pain.

Here are a few tips to make your study sessions less painful!

Ergonomic Desk Chairs

While you are finding the perfect setup for your study session, make sure it is easy to adjust its height. Your new chair should allow your arms to be at about 90-100 degrees flexion and should keep your elbows supported, always.

The Right Posture

How many times does your mother say, ‘Sit Straight’? Uncountable? Extended study sessions and poor sitting arrangement stress the spine, leading to both neck and back pain. The best way to avoid them is to adjust your system at your eye level to minimize slouching on your desk.

Take Breaks

Do you know why breaks are important? They are not only significant for your productivity and creativity but also helpful in reducing physical stress. Getting up at regular intervals helps in regulating blood circulation around our muscles and prevents stiffness.


Did you know when you keep sitting for a longer duration, your soft tissues tend to contract, leading to muscle stiffness and pain? However, engaging in regular exercises and stretching can help! Try these pain-alleviating exercises- shoulder rolls, neck stretches, neck tilts, or chin tucks- the next time your neck starts acting up!

Best Pain Relief Product for Neck Pain

Keep Dynapar QPS handy! India’s Most Advanced Pain Reliever, Dynapar QPS spray is designed with 5X penetration technology to provide instant relief. It’s one of the best neck pain relief products that penetrate deep into the skin without any burning sensation or odour.

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