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A pain in the neck, literally

It’s almost been two years since Covid-19 came and changed our lives, especially our work patterns. While the Indian workforce stayed home, we got to work in the comfort of our PJs, spend extra time with our family, and learn a few new ways to laze around. But the one thing we weren’t ready for was the bodily pain it was bringing along!

The pandemic transformed our lifestyle and made musculoskeletal pain a common problem in our life. Owing to disturbed sleeping patterns, poor sitting postures, or muscle injury from our new yoga adventures, neck, and back pain have become common occurrences.

Why work from home has become a major reason behind this distress?

  • Zero Physical Activity: The routines changed! While commuting was no longer required, people missed out on their regular activities and moved little than they used to. As the physical activity decreased, the chances of musculoskeletal pain increased.
  • Inadequate Posture: From beanbags to dining tables, from comfy beds to old-school study tables, our work from home desks shape-shifted every day. While these not-so-ergonomic seats worked well for a while, they left a serious impact on our bodies.
  • Improper Sleep: While our work-life balance went for a toss and we burned the midnight oil every day, the lack of sleep and increased screen-time became a big reason behind chronic neck and back pain.
  • Psychological Stress: Studies say that depression, anxiety, and stress can be major indicators of serious back pain. And, with studies showing a peak rise in mental health problems due to the pandemic, chronic pains became an added challenge.

So, how do we find relief from these work-from-home woes? Making changes to our everyday routine is impertinent. Get up, move, and take a small walk every hour to get the blood flowing, relax the strained muscles, and freshen up the mood. Change your working desk and chair to something that supports your lower back and hips also helps. Another important remedy to find instant relief is using effective pain relief spray and gels.

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