Things to do this new year to have a pain-free year!

Various things we do on a daily basis and the environmental factors make us prone to different kinds of pain. But thankfully there are ways to manage pain and let’s make a pledge to take small steps to have a pain-free 2023. As they say, atomic habits are the way to build a long-term self-sustaining lifestyle.

1) Have a morning routine

Morning Routine

From the time we wake up, our mind is cluttered with things we need to accomplish in a day. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and impact both our mind & body. It’s been scientifically proven that a morning routine can help in reducing stress and anxiety. It can also improve our focus and general productivity throughout the day. Stress can cause our muscles to tense up — and over time, that can lead to muscle pain and soreness. The most common stress-related aches and pains are in the neck, back, and shoulders.

2) Do at least one physical activity a day

Physical Activity

Pick up one form of physical activity that gets you excited. An activity you enjoy doing and aren’t forced to do. Physical activity not only reduces pain perception, but also has effects on mental health, such as mood elevation and reduction of stress and depression, which are often associated with chronic pain conditions. (Source:
So, make 2023 a physically active year to manage muscular pain.

3) Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

Sleeping well is critical for our being and cannot be overemphasized. People often wake up restless feeling stiffness and soreness, they may feel this is happening because of the mattress or pillow they sleep on. But it may not be the sleeping environment that causes this, but just the lack of good sleep. Research shows that insufficient sleep and low-quality sleep increase the risk of developing widespread pain, particularly as we age. A three-year study carried out by researchers at University of Manchester found that non-refreshing sleep was the factor most strongly linked with the development of pain that was not linked to specific sources. (Source – Clin J Pain 2019;35:544–558)

4) Take breaks

Take breaks

You can’t save the world by working relentlessly without taking breaks. Breaks help us recalibrate our life. Whether it is small breaks during the day to avoid sitting for long hours or going out on a vacation, it’s crucial for our mental and physical well-being. A lot of muscular pain is caused because of stress and by overstretching our body. Listen to your mind and body, take a break when it’s required and get back with renewed energy.

5) Use Dynapar QPS

Use Dynapar QPS

Dynapar QPS is the world’s first transdermal Diclofenac solution that provides rapid, powerful and long-lasting pain relief by enabling rapid and enhanced penetration of Diclofenac through the skin barrier (Stratum corneum) after topical application. Multiple Clinical Trials, published in reputed journals, have established these advantages of Dynapar QPS over Diclofenac gel. The powerful action of Dynapar QPS pain reliever spray enables users to reduce or eliminate the use of commonly used oral pain relievers. The product is supported by scientific evidence and global patents. It is India’s most advanced pain reliever.

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before deciding to make any changes in your lifestyle. Also, it’s advisable to speak to your doctor before applying Dynapar QPS to manage pain.

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