Pain Relief Spray​​


Best Knee Pain Gel

It is one of the most common complaints in adults. Heating pads and cold pads are generally used to relieve the pain; however, it is temporary. Moreover, conventional pain relief spray does not provide desired pain relief, because of incomplete penetration through the layers of the skin.

  • Muscular back pain: Usually caused due to a muscle injury. Lifting heavy weight or improper sitting postures are some of the common causes of muscle injury.
  • Postural back pain: Improper sleeping or poor posture can result in unexpected pain. Neck pain and low back pain, are some of the most common complaints in adults.
  • Low back pain: Sitting in static posture for a prolonged time, can cause low back pain. Sitting in static posture results in stress on the back, shoulder, arms and legs. It also adds large amount of pressure to spinal discs and back muscles.
  • Back pain due to sports: Injuries in sports are inevitable. Back pain is very common and can be caused due to sprain or strain of the muscles. Bending motions in sports can also damage the spine.
  • Muscular back pain during traveling: Muscles get strained while carrying baggage during traveling, eventually leading to muscular pain in various parts of the body.