Winter Wellness: Keeping Pain at Bay During Cold Months

It has been observed in people around the world that joint aches tend to get worse during the winter season. It is not uncommon to find your knees, ankles and hips get stiffer than usual as the temperature drops. The reason for this is believed to be lower atmospheric surface tension. But there is no need to fret. You can manage your pain effectively with cold-weather wellness strategies. Given below are some tried and tested tips to help you get through the winter pain-free.


1. Dress warm and light:

Your mantra for this winter season: Wear warm & light dress. Avoid wearing a single heavy cardigan or sweater as they can put some additional pressure on your knees, exacerbating the pain. The key here is to keep your joints warm to prevent muscle stiffness due to the cold weather. Always keep an extra pair of socks and gloves handy.

Dress warm and light


2. Stay active in winter:

While it can be truly tempting to stay snuggled up in your blanket, it is not advisable. Get up and engage in light exercises every day to keep your muscles and bones strong. Exercise also boosts the production of lubricants that keep your joints moving smoothly.

Stay active in winter


3. Keep your weight in control:

This is one of the most effective seasonal pain management techniques. The holiday season comes with many excuses to indulge and binge. But one must be mindful of their calorie intake. A few extra kilos can increase the pressure on your joints and aggravate the pain.

Keep your weight in control


4. Vitamin D Intake:

There is enough evidence to show a direct link between Vitamin D deficiency and worsening joint pains. Make sure you step out in the winter and expose yourself to direct sunlight for about 10–15 minutes several times a week. Also, maintain a healthy diet to combat deficiencies. Orange juice, oatmeal, egg yolks etc are rich sources of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D Intake


5. Heat therapy:

Invest in a heating pad or hot water bag if you suffer from acute joint pain through the season. Dipping your feet in a hot water bath can also relieve you of pain and aches. However, it should be noted that prolonged heat therapy is not advisable for people suffering from diabetes or other health problems. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Heat therapy


6. Stay hydrated:

Hydration and pain management have a direct link. Adequate water intake lubricates your joints and alleviates symptoms of inflammation.

Stay hydrated


Hopefully, you will find the tips mentioned above truly helpful. To stay pain-free and relaxed through the season, we recommend you keep an effective and long-lasting pain relief solution like Dynapar QPS handy. However, if the pain seems to get worse, consult your Doctor immediately.

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