How to manage your pain caused by changes in the weather?

Do you feel that your muscle pain or arthritis flares up when the temperature drops? Well, you are not alone. Many people living with conditions such as arthritis have observed that they experience increased levels of aches on days such as:


  • Higher Humidity
  • Colder Temperature
  • Stronger Winds
  • Lower Barometric Pressure


However, there is no simple solution to avoiding weather-related pain. You cannot move into a place with a warmer climate to avoid joint pain exacerbated by colder temperatures. The sensitivity is related to the humidity levels and barometric pressure. Further, these factors keep fluctuating everywhere.


But fret not. Though weather-related pain may not be completely avoidable, you can surely manage it in a better way. Follow the tips given below to lessen the occurrences or intensity of the pain:


  1. Being Active: When you sit in one position for long periods, your muscles tend to tighten up. Regular movement of your muscles prevents muscle soreness and pain.

Being Active

  1. Practise Yoga: It is perhaps, the most effective way of maintaining joint health. Regular yogic asanas are known to improve your flexibility and loosen your neck, back and shoulders. Make it a part of your daily routine to keep pain at bay.

Practice Yoga

  1. Stay Warm: If you find yourself spending too much time in air-conditioned rooms during summer, keep a jacket or a stole within reach. Direct cold air from ACs can stiffen your muscles leading to increased occurrences of muscular back pain/muscular neck pain. So, keep your muscles warm to keep the pain away.
Stay Warm
Stay Warm
  1. Heat Treatment: Musculoskeletal pain tends to get worse with the onset of monsoons. If you begin to experience such pain, take a hot shower, or get your hands on a hot water bag. Letting heat penetrate the affected areas will increase the blood flow to your pain points and loosen up the tight ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues.

Heat Treatment

  1. Proper Diet: Weight management and nutrition play a very important role in maintaining your bone health. Eating better can help you feel better. Foods such as tea, berries, broccoli, and whole grains can help to reduce inflammation. Try to cut down on high-fat and high-sugar processed foods for healthy weight management.

Proper Diet

  1. Keep a pain reliever handy: In today’s day and age, muscle pain has become common. Make sure you have a Quick, Powerful and Long-lasting pain reliever in your first aid box always. Immediate use of an effective pain reliever can help you conquer your pain and get back to your routine life in no time.

keep a pain reliever handy

The above tips and strategies can help you enjoy healthy mobility despite the weather changes. However, if you experience bouts of chronic pain, please visit your physician at earliest.

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