Know why rain can worsen your body ache and tips to manage it.

The monsoons have different effects on different people. But Doctors have observed that the onset of rain tends to worsen the conditions for those suffering from some kind of muscle pain. It is believed that the fluctuations in barometric pressure, humidity and precipitation rate have a significant role to play here.


During the monsoons, the barometric pressure rises causing the fluid in our joints to thicken. Consequently, the back, shoulders and body parts surrounding the spine begin to feel stiff. In short, the increased pain is a direct result of increased stiffness. To add to your woes, colder temperature causes the muscles to contract, leading to an increase in pain perception.


However, it is not all gloomy. Many easy ways exist to prevent and manage your body aches during the rainy season. Follow the tips given below to stay pain-free:


1. Dress Warm:

Dress Warm
As far as possible, protect your joints from cold. Do not expose yourself to cold winds directly. Stay indoors when it is raining profusely. If you must step out, make sure you wear waterproof clothing and remain dry. This will help you decrease the amount of pressure you put on your joints. To further alleviate the symptoms of pain, you can consider taking a hot shower or bath.


2. Stay Active:

Stay Active
You do not have to sign up for a rigorous exercise routine to avoid pain. Simple exercises are enough to keep your muscles loose and flexible. Make sure you are regular and disciplined about it. 30 minutes of swimming or brisk walking every day helps increase the blood flow to your joints and reduce the risk of inflammation.


3. Stay Hydrated:

Stay Hydrated
It has been observed that our water consumption drops dramatically during the rainy season. Dehydration causes our cells to shrink, making them more susceptible to changes in temperature and pressure. Therefore, it is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. If needed, reduce your consumption of diuretics like alcohol and caffeine.


4. Maintain a Healthy Diet:

Maintain a Healthy Diet
A healthy body is a pain-free body. Give your muscles & bones proper nutrition to stay strong. Include anti-inflammatory foods like black dal, mushrooms, broccoli etc. in your diet.


5. Get sufficient rest:

Get sufficient rest
Do not overwork your muscles. Give them enough time for recovery with restful sleep every night. A 7-8 hour stretch of deep sleep is highly recommended.


If you still find yourself suffering from muscle pain, use a pain reliever at once. You can also try other soothing remedies like a warm compress, or herbal oil massage therapy for increased relaxation. However, if the pain gets unbearable at any point in time, visit your healthcare provider immediately.

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