Yoga Mistakes That Might Lead To Knee Pain!

Considering the many benefits that yoga has, a lot of people are trying to incorporate yoga into their daily routines. Since it is quite common for people to make certain mistakes while doing yoga, one of the most common complaints is severe knee pain.

Let’s know what mistakes you might be making during your yoga sessions.

Improper Warm-ups

Not warming up your body adequately can make you prone to injuries and sprains. Hence, a good warmup before yoga is always recommended.

Improper Alignment

If you are not aligning your body in the correct form, then that yoga pose might give you knee pain. Thus, always ensure you are doing it right, or else seek some expert advice.

Trying advanced yoga poses too early

Since building flexibility takes time and demands patience, it is advised to refrain from using advanced yoga poses too early.

Ignoring pain

If you feel that you have some soreness or pain in your knee, don’t ignore it and always take a rest for a few days or, if necessary, seek professional advice.

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