The science behind the QPS Technology

What has pain relief got to do with penetration?

Pain relief is an urgent need that must be met at the earliest. It’s an SOS call from one or multiple parts of the body.  Each passing second is painful as one waits for relief. This is where one needs the Quick, Powerful Solution that can penetrate faster and reach the pain point and start acting upon it immediately.

Dynapar QPS is the world’s first transdermal Diclofenac preparation that provides greater and faster pain relief by increasing Diclofenac penetration through the skin because of its patented QPS technology.

QPS technology is a proprietary technology developed by Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The novel and unique formulations establishing the benefits of QPS technology are protected by patents globally. QPS is manufactured using non-aqueous and non-volatile solvents which ensure the optimum penetration of the drug in the underlying tissues providing maximum benefits to the patients compared to conventional aerosol and gel formulation. It has also been clinically proven and backed by several studies that claim that Dynapar QPS provides faster and better pain relief.

A comparative scintigraphy study of Dynapar QPS with gel on knee surface and skin over the lower back showed significantly more radioactivity of Dynapar QPS compared to diclofenac gel at all the time points, which confirms that significantly higher amount of diclofenac has penetrated into the skin with Dynapar QPS compared to diclofenac gel. Applying Dynapar QPS for even 30 mins resulted in the radioactivity that was significantly higher than the radioactivity after applying the gel for 120 mins. The results obtained in the scintigraphy study clearly demonstrate the superiority of the Dynapar QPS in terms of penetration.

Thus, Dynapar QPS provides faster and higher penetration at both the sites i.e. lower back Pain and knee pain. And, the people who were a part of the research could felt quicker and better relief from the pain with Dynapar QPS than gel.

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