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What Causes Wrist Pain?


Sprains or sudden injuries can lead to wrist pain. Moreover, prolonged use of a smartphone, keyboard and mouse can lead to pain in the hands and wrists. It is often related to lifestyle or occupation. Conventional pain relief spray does not provide desired pain relief, because of incomplete penetration through the layers of the skin. Wrist pain is a common condition with various causes.

The wrist joint plays a role in basic movements, from texting to writing. When pain occurs, it can interfere with day-to-day activities and even impact a person’s quality of life.

The wrist is not one joint. Instead, it comprises several small joints where the bones of the hand and forearm meet. Pain may occur for many reasons, whether simply fatigue or an underlying issue. Impact injuries to the wrist and muscle strains are common causes, while squashing the nerves that pass through the wrist can also produce pain.


Why is Dynapar QPS a leading Pain Relief Spray For Wrist Pain?

Dynapar QPS is the world’s first topical Diclofenac solution, providing rapid, powerful, and long-lasting pain relief by allowing Diclofenac to penetrate the skin barrier (Stratum corneum) more quickly after topical application. Diclofenac has a five times greater (5X) penetration than Diclofenac gel. These advantages of Dynapar QPS over Diclofenac gel have been established in multiple clinical trials published in reputable journals. Dynapar QPS’s potent action allows users to reduce or eliminate the use of commonly used oral pain relievers.

Advantages of using Dynapar QPS over Diclofenac gel include precise dosing, sophisticated application techniques, and total absorption, leaving no residue.