5 tips to avoid leg pain while working out

Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life! As important as it is to stay healthy and work out regularly, sometimes a great exercise routine might be the reason behind the pain in your knees.

Lunges, squats, box jumps, or deadlifts do help in toning down your legs, but don’t they leave you with a lingering pain? If yes, then we have some great tips that might come in handy and help you handle the pain better.

Here’s how you can make some tweaks to your workout routine and live a pain-free life!

Give your muscles a stretch

Before you start any workout session, a planned warmup routine is very important! It’s an unsaid rule to club your training with some pre-workout exercises and cooling-down stretches. It’s an effective way to reduce the chances of developing soreness and aches post your gym sessions.

Your legs need rest

Test your limits but not too much! It is imperative to take a rest if your leg feels overburdened. Whenever you feel a painful sensation, make sure you sit back, elevate your leg, and relax for a while. Resting helps in easing the strained muscles and reduces the chance of having long-lasting pain.

Keep a cold pack handy

If you’re a gym devotee, make sure you have your ice packs handy! Giving cold compressions to your aching leg, reduce soreness and puts the overworked muscles to rest. Following cold therapy 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes is a healthy practice.

Massaging the leg helps

Whenever your leg hurts more than it’s bearable, make sure you ease it with gentle massages. It’s an effective way to boost blood circulation and soothe cramps and aches.

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