5 things to do to manage pain

Nature has blessed humans with distinctive reflexes and response mechanisms. Pain is one of them. It is an essential signal from the affected part of the body that calls for attention, care and remedy. While pain can be caused by various actions, mishaps, or ailments, it is human nature to avoid pain at all times.

A nationwide pain-mapping exercise in India found that one in three people aged 45 or older lives with pain and Bengal has the highest number of people who suffer from a condition that induces pain. Besides medical interventions that help in relieving the pain, one can look at making small changes in their daily life to avoid or manage pain. Here are five things that may help:

Move your body

Make any form of physical exercise a part of your daily life. Whether it’s yoga, stretching, walking, or swimming. Choose what you enjoy doing the most. The apprehension that any physical exercise may lead to more pain is natural, but gradually over a period of time, it improves your muscles, builds strength, and helps in managing pain.

Breathe Easy

Most of us do not breathe right. It’s very easy to get into the habit of taking shallow or rapid breaths. Just by breathing right, you can transform your fitness level and enjoy a world of health benefits. Long, deep breaths and concentrating on them can help in easing the pain the natural way. There are several write-ups and videos on breathing techniques that have a healing effect.

It’s all in the Head: Pain is not just a physical problem. It also takes an emotional and mental toll on the person enduring it. Pain makes you tired, and anxious and drains your energy. Living with pain is not easy, but be kind to yourself and take an expert’s help, who can give you a perspective on how to deal with emotions when in pain.

Hobby Heals

Treat pain like an unwanted guest. Don’t pay too much attention to it, for it will enjoy your caring attention and hospitality and stay longer than it’s supposed to. Distract yourself. Pick up a hobby that makes you happy. Do things that divert your mind from the physical pain that you experience.

Arm yourself against pain: Keep a pain reliever with you. US-patented Dynapar QPS is the world’s first transdermal Diclofenac developed using QPS (Quick, Penetrating Solution) technology for long-lasting pain relief. It offers five times higher penetration of Diclofenac through the skin barrier (Stratum corneum) after topical application.

Why Dynapar QPS Pain Relief Is Used To Manage Pain ?

It’s clinically proven with multiple Clinical Trials, published in reputed journals establishing the advantages of Dynapar QPS. The powerful action of Dynapar QPS enables users to reduce or eliminate the use of commonly used oral pain relievers. This has been reported by reputed investigators in a study, which is published in the Journal of Marine Medical Society.

Well, now that you have painstakingly read through each of the five things you can do to manage pain, feel free to use any or all of the above methods to lead an uninterrupted, pain-free life.

Disclaimer – Please consult your doctor before you follow any tips listed above. Please do as prescribed by your doctor.

Source: The Telegraph Online

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